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Songs That Teach Primary School Curriculum and Values!

In terms of application to the classroom, and usability by teachers (they) rate a tick in every box. (Music In Action: A Magazine for Educators)

Children love to sing, and years of experience in the field have taught us that they also learn what they sing!

To that end, our user-friendly, song-based teaching resources (targeted at ages 4-12) were created to support and integrate classroom learning across key areas of the school curriculum.

Developed primarily with the non-musical teacher in mind, they require absolutely no musical ability, it's as easy as clicking the play button - putting the power of song within the reach of all teachers.

Our original content-laden songs integrate -

  • Literacy
  • Social Studies/Society & Environment
  • Science & Technology
  • Life Skills & Values
  • Creative & Performance Arts
  • Health & Physical Development.


Designed by Teachers

Package choices -

  • Downloadable single song packages, which include:
    • Mp3 Vocal Track
    • PDF Lyrics
    • PDF Lesson Materials, Outcomes & Literacy Focus
    • PDF Lead Sheet Music (on most tracks)
  • Album downloads with lyrics
  • Song album downloads & printable PDF books
Their curriculum-based content makes the songs perfect for:
  • Introducing new units of work
  • Kick starting discussion
  • Summarising and reinforcing content
  • Aiding recall of important information
  • Extending literacy
  • Assembly & performance pieces…

The teaching resources are also available as hard copy Teachers' resource books with accompanying song CDs.

Teachers’ Resource books include:

  • Targeted Learning & Values Outcomes
  • A music CD of songs - it's as easy as clicking the play button
  • Reproducible Lyric sheets
  • Suggestions for Literacy Extension, School Assembly & Performance Pieces
  • Exploration of Simple Musical Concepts
  • Simple Music Scores

Song MP3s only, are available via CD Baby:

Special Needs Testimonial:

'With three Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) children between the ages of 5-9, your Sing To Learn CD is tailor made for us.

It reinforces the values, social skills and curriculum that we are trying to teach, but more importantly, my boys LOVE it!'

Helen Wise

keystone creations

'A Lesson in Every Lyric'®

MP3 song downloads for $1

The next 'First Sunday Special' $1, downloadable MP3 song package, will be 'FAMILY TREE' (K-3). This curriculum-aligned song helps young children to understand and appreciate roles & responsibilities of family members. Click here for song details, and to buy on the First Sunday in May.

St Rose
Songwriters, Kathryn (front) and Nuala (back) get some help from a group of enthusiastic young students.
Busy Bodies
'BUSY BODIES' (Middle/Upper Primary) is a curriculum- aligned song that helps students to understand functions of various human body systems (respiratory, circulatory, digestive, skeletal, nervous) and the need to make healthy lifestyle choices.
Civics & Citizenship CIVICS & CITIZENSHIP IN SONG (Middle/Upper Primary) The songs on this album help students to understand rights and responsibilities associated with citizenship, while enabling them to internalize values and attitudes for participating in the civic life of their communities.

Bully-Free Zone!

'Bully-Free Zone!' Song. A whole school, positive behaviours approach to dealing with bullying: ‘BULLYING IS NOT OK – NO WAY!’
*Download the Bully Free Zone! MP3 package.


'A must have resource for all teachers!

The delightful songs not only reinforce the values we uphold in our school but also promote learning of curriculum content.

The user-friendly teacher’s book provides practical lesson ideas.

My students and I love singing along to the catchy tunes!'

Jenny Morris, Classroom Teacher