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'Integrated Curriculum In Song'
Targets Outcomes for second and third school years
© Copyright Keystone Creations

Track 2 - All Weather Friends

Verse 4
I don’t care if it snows for weeks,
Freezing all the lakes and creeks;
I trust you and you trust me,
’Cause friendship’s based on honesty.

Together, friends weather the storms of life, (the storms of life)
And whether clouds gather, or the sun shines bright, (the sun shines bright),
It’s great to have true friends, to call your own, (to call your own).
It’s good to know, that we’re not alone, no, we’re not alone.

’Cause we are friends forever,
In all kinds of weather.
We’ll always be together,
Until the end of time.

Track 4 - Transportation

Transportation, transportation,
Keeping things moving right across our nation;
From depots, wharves and airports, to the railway stations,
Wherever would we be without transportation?!

Verse 2
Somebody long ago, came up with an idea;
The wheel became his wonderful invention!
When it rolled out he said, “Well, what do we have here?!”
Making life much easier was his intention.

Track 9 - Summer Sunday

Verse 3
Goggles, rash vest, thongs and hats,
Beach umbrellas, chairs and mats,
Flippers, snorkels, boogie boards,
People coming down in hoards!
Frisbees, balls and hand held kites;
Swim together, stay in sight!
Flags are put there for a reason;
Have a safe and happy season!

Track 11 - Changing Pictures

Verse 5
Looking at those pictures, it is so amazing how,
I have come such a long way, take a look at me now!
Each day’s an adventure, I can’t wait to see,
Who this person I am now will grow up to be!

We are growing and changing more and more each day,
Going through life’s stages, learning all along the way.

Track 11 - Living Things

Verse 5
Caterpillars crawl around,
Eating all the day;
Growing fat, then hiding,
’Til that special day,
They turn into butterflies,
Now they can fly away,
Flitting ‘round your garden,
Until more eggs they lay.

Living things can grow and change,
Walk, run, swim and fly.
Non-living things do nothing at all,
Because they’re not alive.


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